Toprak Networking Consulting is a London based consulting firm. By sharing our experiences and knowledge with our clients, we provide professional services and expand the network we have established with our clients. We provide consultancy services for a company that wants to operate in the UK to grow and develop sales strategies. We also provide professional consultancy services to individuals.

Toprak Networking, which has its head office in Richmond, London, has been serving in the UK market for about 5 years. It has served many small and medium sized SMEs and individuals.


It is our vision to contribute to the professional success of every person, company and institution that has entered our network with the projects we have created.


Toprak Networking will introduce these brands by creating new brands with online projects and projects such as FixxConnect, ZedHouses. For many small and medium sized enterprises in the branding process, Toprak Networking will continue its sustainable consultancy practices.